G.V. Brantley (elysianboarder) wrote,
G.V. Brantley

We've have resolve

So in the car driving home from getting groceries; Zack and I made a pack that we would save up enough money to fly out of Atlanta to where ever we could get for cheap. We want to go the airport and just find any flight that will take us on standby. When we get there we either camp out, or find someone to stay with.

This only works because we pocess this amazing ability to find warmth and shelter in a pinch. Everyone should atleast once try to find lodging or drive to no where and try to sleep. Ever since we went camping (and took a really long time to find a camp place) and found that really nice people will help you out (like giving us firewood the first night we got in really late); I've become less concerned with 'plans' and much more adaptable to my enviroment. I've always felt a real need to know the absolute direction of my life, and it is really an awakening to find that things will often find resolutions. I think everyone should try this....

In other news Alex Rudnick is the man.
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