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The Poor pay to send Rich Kids to College   
09:51pm 13/03/2008
  I sit at home with my journalist boyfriend and talk about disparities, and that is why I am a loser. But I digress.

I was doing a little light research on HOPE Scholarship eligibility and ethnic lines and we came across some interesting findings.

Firstly we based the amount of students eligible in 2006 vs. how diverse the groups were. My boyfriend covers sports in both Fayette and Cobb County for the Neighborhood newspapers (this is where this becomes less scientific). Based on hope scholarship eligibility I could tell him which schools were predominantly African American and which were white. I was right ever time.

The following is responses with correlation to eligibility:

All 4 A Schools (so roughly the same size)
Whitewater High School (Fayette County) - 287 (wealthy and white)
Fayette County High School - 128 (diverse)
Sandy Creek - 141 (diverse)
McIntosh - 212 (white)

Cobb County
Pebblebrook (4A) - 75 (black)
Walton (5A) - 370 (white/wealthy)
Osborne (4A) - 69 (black)
Lassiter (5A) - 275 (white/wealthy)
Pope (5A) - 261 (white/wealthy)
Wheeler (5A) - 192 (more diverse)
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05:53pm 27/08/2007

We live in a society that is saturated with media images. From when we wake up and brush our Colgate teeth, to the first cup of Folgers coffee, that McLunch, the Kraft dinner, and the list goes on and on. Just to reflect on the amount of consumer propaganda we receive everyday is enough to allow for a sensory overload (bear in mind I am aware of the culture we live in, and find these images to only be mild annoyances). So imagine my surprise when I was sitting reading my New York Times today and found that ad on page 6. Regardless of my affiliations with any organization, claims that any advocate group has participated in contrary activities leaves me more that just curious.

Questions that ran through my head?
1. Who has the money to pay for a full page ad in the NYTimes?
2. Who runs this website?
3. What could be possible motives/reasons for a group to attack PETA?

So I looked up the answer and found this group:

Consumer Freedom

A brief survey of their 'unbiased' website not only shows finger pointing on Peta but the National Health Institute for their views on Obesity being a large killer. It talks about the 'diabetes' myth. The fact that there is no mercury danger in fish. Physician's scams to get people to eat healthier. The 'green army' and how environmentalist are all nut jobs. The list goes on and on.

This website is a FAKE grassroots organization lying to the public. Question 2 and 3: Who has the money and will to attack organizations like PETA? Companies that have the most lose. Fast food companies, the beef industry, agro-business, and other large conglomerates that can AFFORD to place a full page add on page 6 of the NYTimes and lie to consumers. These wolves in sheep's clothing get your attention 16 hours a day (barring 8 hours of sleep). It's about time we start recognizing their tricks, and unsheathe them for the wolves they are!

Read more about this issue here.
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Never believe a word you are told.   
04:22pm 29/07/2007
  My mother called me selfish.

And then my entire childhood looked at me,
and I looked her right in the face.

Stood up,
and walked out of her house this morning.
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06:14pm 12/07/2007
  I have an fascination with watching
the melodrama
that unfolds in my rear-view mirror
Two men
a couple, lovers, lusters (?)
The ebb and flow of their hands
Primal instincts and subtle gestures that tell
Words have often been the minimal means
of expressing our maximum
From Your GF with Love   
09:23pm 13/03/2007
  Tonight I made dinner for myself and Zack. We had Eggplant and Artichoke alla Napoletana, which was so damn good. I also made homemade sundried tomato pesto to go on top of it. It looks like the following picture:

I also made homemade vegan baking powder biscuits. Mostly because Zack gets up everyone morning really early to take me to my extra Spanish lessons. And he gets really good morning food for that :D

Everyone should try a new recipe this week and make it for their loved ones. Have fun and eat great.
New York, New York   
02:18pm 28/02/2007
  Zack and I just got back from our trip to NY. It was awesome. I really really like how the city is set on the grid system, because we were seldom lost and didn't need to look at maps. If you are on 84th street and 5th ave, and you want to go 79th and 2nd ave; you just follow the streets until they go down. It's all very very easy.

Saturday and Sunday was the New York Comic Con. Normally I would have died having to be dragged to this; but it's a whole different experience when you are going with writers and artist. Firstly you get to run around and hang out at the tables with them. Zack's friend Jose writes The Hunger, so we basically got to hang out at his publishers booth. We got to run around and talk to Marvel guys (since Jose works with them too)! The guys who write Action Philosophers! (which everyone should read) were really nice. There comics basically cover all philosophy in really adorable comic form. Very informative for people who want brief overviews. Alex Robinson writes my favorite comic basically about life as a young adult and all the crappy jobs and stuff you go to get to "adult"hood. He signed a copy of Tricked for me, drawing a little picture of me and writing in the margin "For Zack and Whitney, unless they break up." One of the co-creators of the Boondocks were there. All in all I found ways to run around with writers and artist :D.

Monday we went to Chinatown and bought bootleg DVD's and other haggly things (I have a fake designer purse which I love!) We also went the Guggenheim and saw Picasso and Dali (my two very favorite artist in the whole world!). Zack and I didn't understand some of the on going modern art pieces, like this really odd picture set of Alice in Wonderland? And there was this really dark room showing a loop on nails being scrapped against the wall. We made up ghost stories and nearly scared ourselves crazy. Then we went to the upper west side and had vegan pizza.

Tuesday we went to the NY city library and read books. I took signs of the Fall Out Shelter in the basement. Then we walked through Central park (it had just snowed so it was beautiful and white!). We found this random castle that had these two turtles in it. They were teaching turtles and one was blind because she was so old she couldn't hibernate and someone found her in the park in the middle of winter. They still feed her by hand, and she's very cute. We played Wii sports at night, I kept hitting Jose's big fro. And Jose's gf Allison and I watched the L word. They live in this really Hispanic part of town, so no one really speaks english in the shops. It was kinda cool speaking Spanish to everyone.

I pretty much love NY. It's a great city with all these really fun and interesting things to do. And I love walking everywhere, it makes you feel very free and energetic. Zack was really fun to travel with because he doesn't set agendas, we just decide a general idea of what to do and then we do it. I think I want to travel alot with him.
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Happy V-day! V for Victory!   
07:00pm 14/02/2007

To all my Valentines!
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11:48am 09/02/2007
  I made Revolutionary Spanish Omelet from Vegan with a Vengeance. I officially believe that there in never any need to eat meat ever again, it was that damn good. In other news my friend sent me a survey. This is how Zack and I are answering it (we are very pissed):

Can you tell me about your background as a vegetarian?
-When and how did you make the decision?

About six years, I was listening to a lot of music from a Vegan band called Propagandhi. I was also attracted to a Vegan girl who said that she would only get to know me if I was vegetarian.

What is the difference between a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian (other than eating meat)?
-What is your definition of a vegetarian?

Someone who does not eat anything that comes from a dead animal. No Fish, no gelatin.

- What are the positives and negatives of being a vegetarian?

Positives: Healthier diet, less fat, less cholesterol, more Karma.
Negatives: There are never any negatives to positive Karma. (Remember when Roy got mauled by the tiger, it’s because he ate meat),.

-Tell me about the health impact of being a vegetarian?

Less fat in your diet. Meat becomes toxic as your body breaks it down much quicker than plants do. This is why Carnivores have much-shorter digestive tracks than their herbivore counter-parts. Humans have a long digestive track that most closely resembles the track of an herbivore. There are also a bunch of hormone and antibiotics in meat that are bad for you. (Whitney adds that as a biology major meat is carcinogenic and cause cancer).

You also don’t have to worry about heroic Animal-liberation activists cutting the brakes on your car. Let’s face it, if you’re eating meat, you’ve got it coming.

How do people react when you tell them you’re a vegetarian?

-What is the best reaction you’ve experienced?

Some one felt compelled to make me free vegan food. Or a beer. I like it if someone buys me a beer for the animals or some shit like that.

-The worst reaction?

One guy took it upon himself to conduct a “meat-eating intervention” on me. Only, he was the only person who knew about it, and by “intervention” he meant locking me in an over-sized crated to shoving ground-beef through a tube for a month. But the jokes on him, after only a few days mold started growing on the beef, and mold doesn’t count as meat. So I managed to live off of the mold until the cops found the guy. As it turns out, this wasn’t the first time he tried something like this. The police had responded to a call from a suspicious neighbor who noticed an awful smell coming from his back yard. He wasn’t very good at burying.

-What are your feelings towards others who are not vegetarians?

Their higher risk for cancer makes me happy. While working in food service, I’ve been known to defile certain meat-based dishes with a variety of substances (spit, ground dirt, sweat, semen, drano, etc.) I’m nowhere near the only one who does this.

-Have you ever had a negative experience because you were a vegetarian

Vegetarian’s are often forced to endure an endless barrage of idiotic questioning from people who think vegetarianism is some horrific affliction from another planet.
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04:40pm 25/01/2007
  When I first started dating a vegetarian my freshman year, I could never imagine becoming one. I thought it would be to hard, and I would miss meat so much. Today is roughly my six-month anniversary of being a vegetarian. :D

In honor of this I have decided to post my new favorite love.

Vegan food for the Punk in your life.

When I started dating Zack I was mournful over the fact that I can never find any really good baking recipes. Now I have found my new bible. Chalked full of delicious vegan baking tips, this amazing chief has written two books just for vegans. The second book is all about cupcakes, with really great looking stuff. If you have ever been intrrested in cooking light or being a vegan this is a great place to see what vegan food is all about.

Vegan food is Amazing. It is beautiful. It is Radical!
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Beware the wandering eye   
09:39am 22/01/2007
  To keep a heart true and pure, and without faulter in love, is there a chance that it can remain that way forever? This weekend, I watched a movie called Last Kiss. Zack Braff plays a man (Mike) who is nearing 30, and who has a girlfriend and a baby on the way. Yet he still avoids the commitment of marriage by saying that it is "so final." He cheats on his gf with a girl 8 years his senior. His gf's mother cheats on her husband, and everyone is pretty much left in a state of disbelief and pain.

Gandhi, idol and father of a nation, was recently found to have secret lovers. He, man of the cloth and pure virtue, had a wandering eye.

Life of Sarla Devi: Lover of Mahatma Gandhi

At the end of the film, Mike asks his gf's father if he had ever strayed. His answer was this, "Not once, and it's not that I haven't been tempted or I have seen my last temptation. This is not a thing that comes easy, you have to work at it."
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09:46am 12/01/2007
  So there is a bill going through the VA. house right now. It will require that children have written parental consent before attending any meetings or clubs in school. Besides being a large infringement on the right to assembly (but let us all remember that high schoolers have about as much rights as a pet rock) in an article by Family Policy Network - the bill has a very intresting way of helping with 'family values'.

AFA JOURNAL: FPN Finds Way to Combat “Gay-Straight Alliances” in Public Schools

I wonder why we even founded a country on tolerance anyway. Oh wait that's right, we didn't.
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03:33pm 09/01/2007
  My mood as of late has been a bit sad. I seem to base alot of my mood on other's around me. When Zack isn't happy, and I can't change that, I seem to find myself drifting towards that end of the spectrum.

Recently I've been offered alot of opportunities towards social work. So with the nessecary pushes from all those I love (mostly just Zack, because if one person is going to help me give up this crappy materalistic shell I call life it's going to be him), I am going to be in control of organizing both the Alternative Spring and Alternative Winter Break this semester and next. I'm really excited, because I am finally doing exactly what I want.

Next year I'm going to apply for both Americorp and Teach for America. Zack has promised that he will follow me wherever I go -> people honestly need to stay with each other (even if only in a friend sense). To all my friends I am NOT ENGAGED or planning to be... it just seems that when you are scared of giving up your life to help others, it's nice to have someone there holding your hand. He's pretty much been a solid support (even when were just friends) and has never given me advice againest my own feelings.

I've been reading the Motorcyle Diaries. I've been talking alot about becoming a social worker. I am tired of a system that forces some to suffer while a few profit.

Two quotes on my wall:

"Let the world change you, and then you can change the world." - Che
"Love at any cost." - The Constant Gardener (love all not just those who treat you well)
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09:50pm 13/12/2006

For everyone with finals this week. Remember go to your happy place.
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11:09pm 12/12/2006
  Zack told me today that he is part of the "Whitney's Finals Team"

People keep coming to me to ask me questions, and I am finding I know answers. (purely in the academic sense). I feel like I'm getting smarter. :D
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We've have resolve   
10:04pm 28/11/2006
  So in the car driving home from getting groceries; Zack and I made a pack that we would save up enough money to fly out of Atlanta to where ever we could get for cheap. We want to go the airport and just find any flight that will take us on standby. When we get there we either camp out, or find someone to stay with.

This only works because we pocess this amazing ability to find warmth and shelter in a pinch. Everyone should atleast once try to find lodging or drive to no where and try to sleep. Ever since we went camping (and took a really long time to find a camp place) and found that really nice people will help you out (like giving us firewood the first night we got in really late); I've become less concerned with 'plans' and much more adaptable to my enviroment. I've always felt a real need to know the absolute direction of my life, and it is really an awakening to find that things will often find resolutions. I think everyone should try this....

In other news Alex Rudnick is the man.
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The Harlem Suburbs   
02:34pm 25/11/2006
  Fueled by what could've been
And promises of an American dream
The suburban lifestyle
Grew up in my town
of Harlem

Six years old
Stacy played a game,
where we would hid under the sheets
and tell each other stories about monsters.
She always said her dad was coming in
Through the window to
Take us to 'the bad lands'
When she was four
he molested her sister
He was always coming in through the windows
Of Harlem

Ten years old
Jennifer's dad would sit on the sofa
All day long.
We played blood brothers
and hid in the wheat fields that
Grew near her house and the road.
He never went to work
and always smelled sweet.
Old 60's war hero's never fade on the streets
Of Harlem

Tweleve years old
Jenna lived with her grandparent's.
Her mother always saw stange men
She was gone all nigth long, and
she slept on the bed her great aunt died in.
I thought Jenna was cool
sleeping in a dark basement.
She had no sheets or toys
but I never told anyone.
Poverty is known but not told in the town
Of Harlem

Sixteen years old
Katylin lived in the bakery
With a man named steve.
He made bread, and put it in ovens
She always needed rides to
The Family Planning Clinic
We didn't question
We thought she was living
The dream
But then again suicides aren't big news in the school
Of Harlem

Suburban life is not a Renaissance
Ask the kids who grew there
it's not all guaranteed
Hard times are found everywhere
Even in the suburbs
Of Harlem
09:51pm 20/11/2006
  People should be comparative to music consistantly. When music is being played, when the notes are being hit and reverted and muted to such perfection that it makes you think of someplace or someone than it can reminisant of people. My favorite bands never made amazing impressions on me in the beginning. They were good, but not great, not something I could live without. Music is something that is played once, and thought about. Then played again and impressive. Then played again and adored. People should be compared to music. They should be liked, missed, impressed, and revered.

I should make a poem about this:

Meeting for the first time
was a strange mix
of impression and fortitude
Not my favorite chords
at least not immediately

The chorus was choppy
or short
or up tempo and eclectic
random noise maybe
Then again the beat came back
with hand motions and strums
strumming beats and presistant
The heartbeat of a part
Clueless about what makes this draw

A glowing warm vibrato
of notes and harmony
of sweet voice
paint a picture of warmth
deep inflections of real personas
and my favorite piece
when honesty
glows through
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05:02pm 12/11/2006
  Girly thing I really like:

Zack puts his arm around my shoulder while we are in the car, even if he's not driving.
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04:28pm 08/11/2006
  Election night is probably my favorite night. Even over new years eve. It involves alot of people getting excited, TV specials, and my boyfriend coming over jumping up and down on my bed while pretty much drinking as if it were the last great bash before becoming an old man. This is the biggest night of the year for alot of people. Power changes hands, money is made, and corruption afoot. But, what is even better, what makes this great nation, is that on election night it is VERY difficult to lie on the news.

At 11 o-clock last night, right before I passed out from an over fun stimulation coma, I watched as Fox news had to honestly consinder the loss of the house and then give their inevitable admittance that it had done just that. You could almost see a tear fall from the news casters eyes as their utopia fell about them. Be it that their utopia was baised tyranical dictatorship, but a utopia for them none the less. This morning the Family Alliance for the total control of free speech and media, stood up (in a room full of but two reporters and CSPAN) to say that they were going to try to look forward to working with Conservative Democrats. They admitted that neigh, they had given to much power placed to much faith in the Republican agenda and that it was not conservatives being represented but the corrupt republicans under their glittering holy vail.

I laughed, I cried, I had a beer. As is well in the land of congress.
07:28am 25/10/2006
  When your name becomes a pronoun
You feel like a character in a Jane Austin novel
I say
Fuck you
Mr. Darcy.
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