G.V. Brantley (elysianboarder) wrote,
G.V. Brantley

The Harlem Suburbs

Fueled by what could've been
And promises of an American dream
The suburban lifestyle
Grew up in my town
of Harlem

Six years old
Stacy played a game,
where we would hid under the sheets
and tell each other stories about monsters.
She always said her dad was coming in
Through the window to
Take us to 'the bad lands'
When she was four
he molested her sister
He was always coming in through the windows
Of Harlem

Ten years old
Jennifer's dad would sit on the sofa
All day long.
We played blood brothers
and hid in the wheat fields that
Grew near her house and the road.
He never went to work
and always smelled sweet.
Old 60's war hero's never fade on the streets
Of Harlem

Tweleve years old
Jenna lived with her grandparent's.
Her mother always saw stange men
She was gone all nigth long, and
she slept on the bed her great aunt died in.
I thought Jenna was cool
sleeping in a dark basement.
She had no sheets or toys
but I never told anyone.
Poverty is known but not told in the town
Of Harlem

Sixteen years old
Katylin lived in the bakery
With a man named steve.
He made bread, and put it in ovens
She always needed rides to
The Family Planning Clinic
We didn't question
We thought she was living
The dream
But then again suicides aren't big news in the school
Of Harlem

Suburban life is not a Renaissance
Ask the kids who grew there
it's not all guaranteed
Hard times are found everywhere
Even in the suburbs
Of Harlem
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