G.V. Brantley (elysianboarder) wrote,
G.V. Brantley

Beware the wandering eye

To keep a heart true and pure, and without faulter in love, is there a chance that it can remain that way forever? This weekend, I watched a movie called Last Kiss. Zack Braff plays a man (Mike) who is nearing 30, and who has a girlfriend and a baby on the way. Yet he still avoids the commitment of marriage by saying that it is "so final." He cheats on his gf with a girl 8 years his senior. His gf's mother cheats on her husband, and everyone is pretty much left in a state of disbelief and pain.

Gandhi, idol and father of a nation, was recently found to have secret lovers. He, man of the cloth and pure virtue, had a wandering eye.

Life of Sarla Devi: Lover of Mahatma Gandhi

At the end of the film, Mike asks his gf's father if he had ever strayed. His answer was this, "Not once, and it's not that I haven't been tempted or I have seen my last temptation. This is not a thing that comes easy, you have to work at it."
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