G.V. Brantley (elysianboarder) wrote,
G.V. Brantley

New York, New York

Zack and I just got back from our trip to NY. It was awesome. I really really like how the city is set on the grid system, because we were seldom lost and didn't need to look at maps. If you are on 84th street and 5th ave, and you want to go 79th and 2nd ave; you just follow the streets until they go down. It's all very very easy.

Saturday and Sunday was the New York Comic Con. Normally I would have died having to be dragged to this; but it's a whole different experience when you are going with writers and artist. Firstly you get to run around and hang out at the tables with them. Zack's friend Jose writes The Hunger, so we basically got to hang out at his publishers booth. We got to run around and talk to Marvel guys (since Jose works with them too)! The guys who write Action Philosophers! (which everyone should read) were really nice. There comics basically cover all philosophy in really adorable comic form. Very informative for people who want brief overviews. Alex Robinson writes my favorite comic basically about life as a young adult and all the crappy jobs and stuff you go to get to "adult"hood. He signed a copy of Tricked for me, drawing a little picture of me and writing in the margin "For Zack and Whitney, unless they break up." One of the co-creators of the Boondocks were there. All in all I found ways to run around with writers and artist :D.

Monday we went to Chinatown and bought bootleg DVD's and other haggly things (I have a fake designer purse which I love!) We also went the Guggenheim and saw Picasso and Dali (my two very favorite artist in the whole world!). Zack and I didn't understand some of the on going modern art pieces, like this really odd picture set of Alice in Wonderland? And there was this really dark room showing a loop on nails being scrapped against the wall. We made up ghost stories and nearly scared ourselves crazy. Then we went to the upper west side and had vegan pizza.

Tuesday we went to the NY city library and read books. I took signs of the Fall Out Shelter in the basement. Then we walked through Central park (it had just snowed so it was beautiful and white!). We found this random castle that had these two turtles in it. They were teaching turtles and one was blind because she was so old she couldn't hibernate and someone found her in the park in the middle of winter. They still feed her by hand, and she's very cute. We played Wii sports at night, I kept hitting Jose's big fro. And Jose's gf Allison and I watched the L word. They live in this really Hispanic part of town, so no one really speaks english in the shops. It was kinda cool speaking Spanish to everyone.

I pretty much love NY. It's a great city with all these really fun and interesting things to do. And I love walking everywhere, it makes you feel very free and energetic. Zack was really fun to travel with because he doesn't set agendas, we just decide a general idea of what to do and then we do it. I think I want to travel alot with him.
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