G.V. Brantley (elysianboarder) wrote,
G.V. Brantley

The Poor pay to send Rich Kids to College

I sit at home with my journalist boyfriend and talk about disparities, and that is why I am a loser. But I digress.

I was doing a little light research on HOPE Scholarship eligibility and ethnic lines and we came across some interesting findings.

Firstly we based the amount of students eligible in 2006 vs. how diverse the groups were. My boyfriend covers sports in both Fayette and Cobb County for the Neighborhood newspapers (this is where this becomes less scientific). Based on hope scholarship eligibility I could tell him which schools were predominantly African American and which were white. I was right ever time.

The following is responses with correlation to eligibility:

All 4 A Schools (so roughly the same size)
Whitewater High School (Fayette County) - 287 (wealthy and white)
Fayette County High School - 128 (diverse)
Sandy Creek - 141 (diverse)
McIntosh - 212 (white)

Cobb County
Pebblebrook (4A) - 75 (black)
Walton (5A) - 370 (white/wealthy)
Osborne (4A) - 69 (black)
Lassiter (5A) - 275 (white/wealthy)
Pope (5A) - 261 (white/wealthy)
Wheeler (5A) - 192 (more diverse)
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